Lines to use online

As I’m such a good friend I’m going to let Stephen use his line first. (Mostly because it’ll make mine seem so much better :) )

I know what you’re thinking “Why would I want to pick up a girl online? They will probably be a trucker called Bruce from Chester. You don’t have to meet the girl online, just chat to her online via social networking sites or instant messaging sites (Sounds like too much hard work but Stephen suggested it) The girl might need the knowledge of online ‘memes’ to fully get these lines

Richard, shut up, I’ve heard your lines, the only people they work on are truckers called Bruce!

It was one time, just do your line would you.

Alright, cool it.

"If you were the game, I’d lose 24/7”

This one is good because it shows that you are thinking about her. It’s probably best to use it on someone you have known for a while because it may seem a bit creepy telling a girl that you’re always thinking about her when she doesn’t even know your name. It’s also essential that she knows what ‘The game’ is or she might think you are calling her a prostitute…you don’t need that.

My turn now :D

"How would you like to access my space" 

For this to work you’ll need a phone that looks like it has the internet on. Show her the phone as you say the line. This works well because everyone has heard of Myspace, right? Even my nana has one! Her and Tom are best friends.

Nobody uses Myspace these days, it’s all about Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter

I’ll Twitter you in a minute if you don’t shush!

…it’s called Tweeting