Lines to use online 3

Right, this is the last online one, don’t want Stephen getting all the girls (or men) with his lines.

One word…’Bruce’… You can start this time

"You have a USB, Ultra Sexy Body"

Even the technophobes know what a USB is, you may want to use this one if USB comes up in conversation, it happens more times than you think you know. Only the other day I was talking about USBs to my nana on Myspace… I didn’t use the line though

It could also stand for ‘Ultra Sexy Bruce’ in your case…anyway

"My feelings for you are like the Internet, never ending"

If you mean it then you could change the word ‘Feelings’ to ‘Love’. Only do it if you really mean it though. Probably best you’re pretty close to her when you use that one too.

Awww, I have a tear in my eye…because I was tearing them out reading it…