Lines to use… In a supermarket

They say that most people go to the supermarket to find a partner, the frozen foods aisle is the place to be. so if you have a free night and feeling lonely then you should go and buy that chicken you were ‘meaning to get’. You have to ask yourself why they would have to go to a supermarket to pick up someone though…beware of the Yeti.

I’ll go first this time to show Stephen how to do it, I doubt he will even have a line for this so I think I’ve got this one in the bag.

"You must be for sale because I am checking you out"

This one is good because it has a cheeky play on words. Might be best to use this one when you’re near the tills though. Make sure you say it so she doesn’t think you’re calling her a prostitute…trust me on that one.

Yep…that’s got to be the worst one yet. So much for this being your expertise. This is how to do it.

"I’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle with a girl like you"

Girls love weddings, a line about weddings will get them more excited than a dog seeing a trampoline full of bones!

What is it with you and dogs on trampolines?

R + S x